Tips For Negotiating That New Position

So you’ve done all your homework and got in for that interview and now you’re ready to get that offer! Congratulations, and here are some helpful tips for negotiating that Hot Job.

Let them bring up money. If you start talking about how much you want to make too early in the process, it can be a big turnoff. Let them bring up compensation and always ask them what the salary range is first. You don’t want to lead with what you are making or what you want. If you’re too high they may exclude you as a candidate. If you’re too low you might be leaving money on the table. Once you get a basic idea of the salary range. You will be in a much better place to make a reasonable counter offer.

Take some time to consider the offer, but make sure they know you’re very interested. You are not negotiating to buy a new pair of sunglasses. This is a long term commitment for you and your family. Ask if you can take some time to consider their offer and give them a time frame you will get back to them. Tell them you want to discuss this with your family, and then come back with your thoughts.

Don’t come back multiple times with demands. As you take your time to consider the position. Try to have everything you would need in order to accept the position ready. It can be very frustrating for the person hiring if they have to go back and check on things multiple times. Try to think of all the possibilities. Salary, vacation time, upcoming vacations within the 1st 6 months, medical benefits, hours, etc. You don’t want them to agree to your proposal then come back with more things you want to accept the position.

Understand their position. There may be some things that the company cannot do. It could be from a salary perspective, vacation, work hours, or benefits. Try to be understanding if there something they cannot offer. See if there’s a way you can meet in the middle and find those win-wins. Be willing to be flexible and find other areas to comprise so you and the employer can get what they need.

No Ultimatums. Period. Never negotiate just because you want to negotiate. You’re doing this to get the most out of your backgrounds and talents. Know what your worth and make sure what you get reflects that. Understand what the person across the table is looking for, and stay open minded. Never close off negotiations with an ultimatum. Putting a statement out like “If I can’t get XXX, then I don’t think I can take this position”, can be a showstopper. You are putting them in a very awkward position and backing them into a corner. If you are too aggressive, it may show that you’re not a great personality fit for the role.

Know your audience and do your homework.

I hope you have enjoyed our negotiation tips and now go get that Hot Job!