How to use social media in your job hunt

Most if not every employer is now using social media to help with background information, culture fit, and red flags.   Keeping your social networks up-to-date, accurate, and portraying yourself in the best light is extremely important.  Here are the key areas that you need to know about and keep up on.


Your linked in profile maybe viewed by more employers than your resume.  You should take great care in crafting your experience, background, and your certifications on your linked in profile. Also very important to keep up with those key contacts that might help you land that next job.  Try to keep in touch with those important people, even when you’re not currently looking for a new job. They will be much more likely to help when you have a personal connection.


This is the largest social network out there.  The savvy employers are checking all of these social media sites before making an offer, maybe even before they call you in for an interview. So view your information through their lens.  Ask yourself, how would I view these pictures and posts if I were an employer?  If you’re actively looking for new work, might be worth hiding some of the crazy drunken pictures or extremely controversial posts.


Same with Facebook. How many popular sports athletes have gotten in trouble for something they put on Twitter 10 years ago?  Give it a once over and take down anything that you think could be easily misinterpreted. Or maybe something that might have been funny in your college days, but now lacks context.

Blogs and other social networks

Take the time to Google yourself. By name, your address or phone number. See what comes up. The employers you want to land those jobs with may be doing the same thing.

Now get out there and get that Hot Job!