Getting To The Top Of The Pile

Ever wonder how to get your resume to the top of the pile?

Human Resources departments and recruiters are getting busier and busier. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your resume noticed and get that important call back. Here are some quick tips to help get your resume up to the top of the pile.

1. Update your resume based on the position. You can certainly apply to more positions by just sending the same resume. But it may result in much less results. Be sure to read through the job specifications and update your resume using those same terms. Look at the key responsibilities and attributions they’re looking for in a candidate. Then make sure your resume tells them why you’re the best fit. They may only look at your resume for a few seconds, so make sure you are showing why you should be on top of the pile.

2. Keep it simple and easy to read. You might think it looks better having fancy fonts and lots of accomplishments. But you might be turning people off if your resume is hard to read and has too many details to sift through. Simple things like keeping it very organized, use bullets, and summarize your accomplishments in an easy to read format. This may make all the difference in getting your resume read.

3. Make it stand out. Put yourself in the human resources person’s shoes. Think of ways you can make your resume stand out. It could be things like a creative cover letter, a unique file name, or add in some relevant links to your profile or website. With everyone’s inbox so full. It’s very important to be creative and think outside the box.

4. Check everything twice and read it to someone else. Your resume could make a lasting impression on someone reading it. It is up to you if that is in a good way or a bad way. If there are any formatting or spelling mistakes, they’ll likely just put it aside. Take the time to have other people review it and ask some challenging questions. You should have more details you can offer about each of your bullets when you get that phone or in person interview. Also, take the time to read your resume to someone else. If that person does not understand what your accomplishment means or you have to explain yourself, it may be time to review that part of the resume.

5. Connections, connections, connections. As you gain more experience in your career. The resume becomes an even smaller part of getting that next job. Try to use LinkedIn and other sites to keep up with your network. BEFORE applying for that new job, take the time to look to see if you know people that have either have work there or are there currently. Having someone there currently send in your resume to HR may help you skip the long line of resumes, and a person reference can be invaluable. Also ask your connection if they have a few minutes to chat about the company. They can be an important source of information and help craft your message to the HR/recruiter and help with interview preparations.

We hope this helps with your resume presentations and go get that Hot Job!