More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of letting employees work at home. When you call for customer service, you might be talking with someone in a massive call center, or someone sitting at their kitchen table.  Many businesses are seeing improved moral and performance when allowing people to work from home. Some positions are created with full time work at home in mind. Here are a few of the benefits and pitfalls of working from home. See if this right for you.

Work at home benefits.

Flexibility. Work from home gives you amazing flexibility. You can run that errand you needed to do or throw in a load of wash on your time off work.

Saves time. Instead of spending your time on the highway or the train, you can be at your desk ready to work within seconds. As soon as you're done working. . .


Want to find out how you can start working at home? Whether you want to earn some extra income or change your lifestyle, there are more Work From Home Jobs now than ever before.


Ever wonder how to get your resume to the top of the pile?

Human Resources departments and recruiters are getting busier and busier. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your resume noticed and get that important call back. Here are some quick tips to help get your resume up to the top of the pile.

1. Update your resume based on the position. You can certainly apply to more positions by just sending the same resume. But it may result in much less results. Be sure to read through the job specifications and update your resume using those same terms. Look at the key responsibilities and attributions they’re looking for in a candidate. Then make sure your resume tells them why you’re the best fit. They may only look at your resume for a few seconds, so make sure you are showing why you should be on top of the pile.

2. Keep it simple and easy to read. You might think it looks better having fancy fonts and lots of accomplishments. But you might be turning people off if . . .


So you’ve done all your homework and got in for that interview and now you’re ready to get that offer! Congratulations, and here are some helpful tips for negotiating that Hot Job.

Let them bring up money. If you start talking about how much you want to make too early in the process, it can be a big turnoff. Let them bring up compensation and always ask them what the salary range is first. You don’t want to lead with what you are making or what you want. If you’re too high they may exclude you as a candidate. If you’re too low you might be leaving money on the table. Once you get . . .


Finding a new job is stressful enough. Plus the number of internet options to go out and find that job can be overwhelming. Based on our experience here's our list of job sites and the pros and cons of them. See which is right for you and get that Hot Job!

HotJobResource:  This is one of the most popular job sites out there. It goes out and finds new jobs on all the company pages. This is a great place to start your search. Some companies only use Indeed as their job posting website of choice.

They have made some great improvements to its job site. This is one of my personal favorites. It is easy to save your searches and the one click apply is a great feature. But the best part is it, it dovetails right into finding connections at that company. That way you . . .